Tesla Solar Roof

by Mr. RoofingJanuary 29, 2022
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You can now access solar energy and also enjoy a stunning roof! The Tesla Solar Roof brings you energy savings and the attractiveness of a sleek roof. If your neighbors are losing electricity but your lights will be lit thanks to the power of your Tesla Solar Roof along with your Powerwall.

Tesla Benefits

  • Solar power can be collected with a stunning looking roof
  • Backup power for be used at night or following an event like a hurricane.
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Carbon footprints that are lower
  • Do not worry about your power being cut once more.

Tesla is concerned about its roof’s quality. Only authorized installers are able to buy as well as install Tesla roofs. Kelly Roofing is proud to be an authorized Tesla installer for Tesla Solar Roof, Tesla Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwalls.

What Tesla Solar Roofs Look Like

Its Tesla Solar Roof is a neat modern, contemporary roof that is that is designed to be a part of the future. Hail resistance, as well as high wind uplift acceptance, which makes it an ideal option to cover your Florida roof.

Converting Solar Power

Solar energy creates a variety of shades of light. In fact, moonlight can generate electricity. The energy is absorbed through the Tesla Solar Roof as DC (Direct Current). It is then passed via a Power Inverter through which energy is then converted into AC (Alternating Current) and then used as your primary source of power. If the roof’s area is enough, you could never require power from utility sources for power again.

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Powerwall Battery Backup

When there’s power failure or the night falls the power source is the Tesla Powerwall.
The backup generator can need as long as 10 minutes to get started but Powerwall is able to almost instantly start. This means you won’t experience any power loss. The Powerwall recharges via solar power and gives you nearly unlimited energy sources.

Tesla Solar Roof vs. Other Solar Roofs

The Tesla Solar Roofs is the very first to be the only photovoltaic solar array that functions as simultaneously the roofing material as well as the power-producing panel all in one. It is a high-end roofing system that will pay for itself over time.

Tesla Roofs are covered for 25 years. This includes all roofing components offering one of the largest warranties available in the roofing business.

The Solar Roof tile is three times more durable than standard roofing tiles, and are designed to protect against all weathers.

Cost comparison

Pricing is determined by what size the roof is as well as dimensions of the solar array and the amount of Powerwall batteries chosen for backup. The online Calculator from Tesla is an excellent start point for basic pricing.

Kelly Roofing can help you determine if putting up the construction of a new roof right now or maintaining the one you have is more financially sensible. We strive to match an array of PV that is large enough with Powerwalls to avoid the necessity of using the power of utility companies to achieve maximum efficiency and rapid payback.

Are you looking to invest in Tesla but do not need to replace your roof? Visit the Tesla Solar Panel page.



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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof

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