September 23, 2023

Tesla Reduces Solar Roof Price

Tesla Reduces Solar Roof Price

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla has cut solar roof prices slightly and updated its website for the product with new information.

In October last year, Tesla released version 3 of its solar tiles, which is now also known as Solarglass, and saw a significant price decrease thanks to optimization and faster installation.

Since the launch of the new version of the shingles, CEO Elon Musk wants an acceleration of solar roof production and installations.

However, installations have remained somewhat slow and buyers are still reporting that long installation times are required as Tesla is still trying to figure out the process.

Nonetheless, the company is moving forward with the product and trying to drive more sales with efforts like doubling the referral reward for solar roofs.

Now Tesla has also updated its website for solar tiles with new information and a slightly reduced price.

The new website includes new images that are less retouched examples of solar roof installations, new information about the installation process, and more:

El configurador en línea Solar Roof también se ha actualizado y, después de probarlo, muestra que los precios se han reducido desde principios de este verano.

Una cotización para un techo de 3947 pies cuadrados con un sistema de tejas solares de 12,3 kW solía costar $ 57,272 antes de los incentivos en julio, y ahora el sitio web de Tesla está cotizando el mismo sistema por $ 54,966 antes de los incentivos (la primera imagen es la cotización anterior y el segundo es la nueva cita):

Tesla is also showing a very favorable solar roof price comparison on its website, but it’s important to note that it is comparing solar roof tiles to some of the more premium roofing products on the market:

Electrek’s Take

We are currently tracking several new Tesla sunroof installations, and while they appear to be increasing, it appears that Tesla is still testing some installation processes and materials with customers.

In some cases, it results in an unsatisfactory experience with weeks and in one case even months of installation delays.

We’re going to have more to report on that in the coming weeks as those installations are completed, but keep that in mind if you go ahead with a Tesla sunroof.

The final product looks really good, but the installation process apparently still requires some work.

Tesla Solar and energy storage products can be a great solution for your home or business, and you can use our code (frederic5610) to win a $ 100 prize on your solar roof or Tesla solar panel installation after the system activation.

However, we suggest that you obtain quotes from more than one installer to ensure you get the best energy solution for your location. UnderstandSolar is a great free service that connects you to the top-rated solar installers in your region for free custom solar estimates. Tesla also now offers price match for solar panels, so it’s important to look for the best quotes.