December 1, 2022

How Much is the cost of roof cleaning?

How Much is the cost of roof cleaning?

Cleaning the roof, just like other roofing tasks is one that is best left to professionals and not for homeowners. If you choose to hire an expert roof cleaner expect to pay between $374 to $606 for a typical national price of $490.

What size the roof is? What is the roofing material comprised of? These and other factors will determine the exact roof cleaning costs. The typical cost ranges between $0.15 up to $0.68 by square feet.

What is the cost of roof cleaning cost?

National average cost: $490
Typical price range: $374 – $606
Extreme low end: $200
Extreme high end: $1,000

If you’re looking for a standard roof cleaning job, you’ll likely spend somewhere in the price range of $374 to $506. Keep in mind that certain cleaning techniques require longer and require more effort which is why they are more expensive.

Depending on the requirements of your roof and requirements, you could wind in spending upwards of $1000. When your roof’s simple, small and doesn’t need extensive cleaning, you’ll be able to save money and pay close to the lowest portion in the range of 200 dollars.

Roof Cleaning Costs at the size of your home

Roof size is the primary gauge of what your roof’s cleaning budget will be. The higher the size of your roof is, the more it’ll take to wash and the more you’ll have to pay professional roof cleaners in terms of hourly rates for labor.

Do you not know the dimensions that your roofing is? You can estimate it precisely based on the home’s square area. The formula for determining the roof’s size approximate is:

1.5 Square footage of the house (square footage) of the roof
If you have a rough estimation of the size of your roof then you can calculate the total cost of cleaning your roof with the standard cost from $0.15 up to $0.68 for each square foot or the average for $0.41 for each sq ft.

The table below gives the average cost of various roof sizes.

Other Cost Factors

What type of roof do you have? What kind of maintenance will the roof require? How many stories tall is your house, and how high is your roof above the ground?

If you’re seeking a more precise understanding how your spending plan ought to be, you’ll have to think about all the information listed above, not only the size of your roof. We’ll get into the details of these cost-related factors in the near future.

Cleaning procedure

There are many ways to clean your roof and each has an associated cost. The most effective method to clean your roof will be determined by the materials used and the kind of buildup you have to get rid of.

For instance a flat roof made of rubber requires a different kind of maintenance than asphalt shingles. A roof that has an extensive layer of moss or lichen is different from those with dirt, leaves and other debris that is loose.

What do you have to choose from? We’ll review some of the most commonly used roof cleaning techniques.

Chemical wash

If the main issue with your roof is algae, moss or lichen, a chemical cleaning is the most effective and cost-effective option for around $0.20 up to $0.30 for each sq ft. The chemicals kill living organisms.

Chemical washes do not require the use of a water stream that is pressurized which is both positive and negative. The pressure that is applied can cause damage to certain roofing materials, but chemical washes are safe to use on every roofing.

But with no pressure, it’s likely that you won’t be able to get rid of leaves, twigs or dirt that has accumulated.

High-pressure wash

Pressure washing using a high-pressure stream of water requires just a standard pressure washer. With an estimated cost of $0.20 up to $0.70 every square foot it’s less expensive than other more complex techniques. In addition, the strong stream blasts away every kind of dirt and the muck.

However, power is not a one-sided sword. In addition to dirt, high-pressure streams can forcefully remove or harm the shingles. This is why pressure washing isn’t a great idea for roofs made of slate shingles, asphalt roofs, shakes of wood or any other tile.

Regular pressure washing won’t make sense for rooftops that have an accumulation of moss since it won’t accomplish anything to eliminate the moss.

Low-pressure wash

Low-pressure washing is an ideal compromise between chemical washing and higher-pressure wash. It’s slightly more expensive than both , at an average that ranges from $0.30 or $0.70 in square feet.

Low-pressure washing is less powerful than conventional power washing making it suitable for roofs with shingle, yet effective enough to clear dirt. This method of cleaning also contains gentle chemicals that eliminate moss as well as other living growth.

Soft wash

Soft washing is like low-pressure washing, in that it mixes chemical and pressured water.

Soft washing employs a gentler flow of water and specially-formulated chemical mixtures (usually with bleach) that eliminate mildew, algae, moss bacteria, as well as a few staining.

Soft washing is generally higher priced than pressure-washing. Its cost ranges between $0.30 or $0.75 for each square foot.

Type of roof

Different roofing materials require different cleaning techniques. For instance flat roofs constructed of gravel and tar cannot withstand pressured water, therefore the most effective cleaning method is a straightforward chemical wash.

Other materials, including wood shakes, shingles and tile, are able to withstand an occasional gentle power wash, but are often damaged by pressures of high intensity.

Metal roofing is another option which is long-lasting and constructed of solid panels that will not come out of pressure washing.

In the following table we’ll outline the most effective cleaning technique for each kind of roof as well as the price.

Multi-story house

Do you own the third or second story? This could raise your cost by approximately $0.10 for each sq ft.

If there is an additional level or two roof cleaning experts will be required to work higher above from the earth, this could cause the work to take longer and increase the cost of labor.

The removal of pests as well as prevention

If you’re looking to get rid of the existing moss from the roof, you should choose the method of cleaning that incorporates chemicals. It’s an acid wash, low-pressure wash or soft wash.

Moss removal is part of the total cost of the three. It can range from $0.20 up to $0.75 per square foot.

Are you looking to prevent the moss from regrowing so that you don’t have to get your roof cleaned once more in the future? Contact your roof cleaning service to apply a moss-prevention treatment. A typical treatment will cost between $125-$225.

Cost of roof coating

The cost of coating the roof is typically between $0.55 to $4.50 for each square foot dependent on the kind of coating you select and the design the roof. For instance, if your roof is flat it will be simpler the roofers work with and the cost of labor will be lower, however the steeper shape of your roof will drive up the price.

Applying silicone to your roof or another sealant offers a variety of advantages:

  • It stops leaks from happening.
  • Reduces indoor temperature, decreasing AC costs
  • Stops the rusting of metal roofs

The coating on the roof can allow it last longer. Silicone is the most popular roofing sealant, however it’s also the costliest.

Additional Services

If professional roofers climb on top of your roof to take it in order, they may discover other problems that require repair. Be prepared for the potential extra expenses in advance to ensure you don’t pay much more than you anticipated.

Cleaning costs for gutters

Professional roof cleaners typically provide gutter cleaning. If your gutters have become clogged with dirt, you can hire a professional for $120-$203to get rid of your gutters.

The maintenance of your gutters is crucial and certainly worth the expense. If your gutters are blocked for long periods of time it will cause water to overflow and cause damage to your landscape or even your home’s foundation.

Other things to consider for gutter guards , also known as leaf protection. This is why your gutters won’t become blocked as fast if you put in gutter guards to stop leaves from getting into.

Repairs to the roof cost

What happens if cleaners discover damage to your roof? The cost could range from $3,000 to $348on repair work to your roof. The cost of repair work on your roof will be contingent upon the roofing material used and the kind of damage.

A damaged vent on the roof is often the simplest and least costly issue to address, while the roof that is in sagging condition is a more complex repair that can be costly in the thousands.

Cost for roof replacement

As a guideline it is recommended that you get your roof replaced each 15-20 years. If you’ve put off more than the recommended time, the roof’s issues could go beyond a regular cleaning and require an entire roof replacement.

A roofing replacement is an important expense that typically costs between $5,706 to $11,185..

It’s impossible to determine how much you’ll be spending on a new roof , without looking at specifics about the

Cost of Roof Cleaning by Location

While the equipment and chemicals used to clean roofs are similar regardless of where you live the cost of labor for different roofing cleaning firms can differ in a significant way.

This means that the total cost for cleaning the roof may differ from our estimates of cost, that are based on the national averages.

In general, expect lower costs for labor when you live in a smaller town that has a low price of living. However homeowners living in metropolitan areas aren’t likely to be surprised if pay more than we predicted.

FAQs regarding Roof Cleaning

1. Is it possible to clean a roof with power?

Professional roofers generally don’t advise cleaning roofs with power because the force can cause harm or break shingles and tiles. But, metal roofs are sturdy and strong enough to be power washed.

2. Can you clean your own roof?

No. It is, in fact, not safe to climb up on top of your roof. Another reason you should engage a professional roof cleaner is because they are able to access better tools and cleaners as opposed to DIY kits that you can purchase at the hardware retailer.

3. What is the best frequency to wash your roof?

Cleaning your roof at least every year will help the roof’s lifespan last. The roof may require more frequent cleaning if live in a place that experiences a lot of rain or another environment which exposes your roof to dirt, moss or salt.

4. Do you require to wash solar panels that are on your roof?

It’s true that solar panels that are dirty have less efficiency than ones that are clean However, you won’t have to be concerned about keeping them clean since rain is able to wash away dirt and other debris for you.

If you reside in a climate that is dry that doesn’t get a lot of rain it is possible to wash your solar panels on a regular basis.


An annual roof cleaning is among the top ways to extend the lifespan of your roof. You should set aside around $374-$606 per year to employ an experienced roof cleaning company.

Although it may appear like an amount of money in the moment but this routine maintenance will stop roof leaks and save the cost of repairs to come. Cleaning your roof can delay for a number of years the necessity for a costly roof replacement by a few years.