What Does it cost to paint a metal roof?

by Mr. RoofingJune 7, 2020
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The metal roof painting cost need for a roof on any house is crucial as it protects you from the rain, offers shade on hot days, and helps keep out the cold during the middle of winter. The shingles, or roofing material, is essential for all homes, and is able to suit the style of your home. A durable, long-lasting and valuable materials is metal roofing. This kind of roofing is great for businesses and schools that require protection from severe conditions. It is a viable option for homeowners who prefer an attractive appearance and something that will last for many years.

If an aluminum roof isn’t enough to paint it. It is a worthy investment which can brighten your house and help make your roof last for a longer time. An expensive expense initially however, it is rewarding once you notice your neighbors needing to replace their roofs after an event or storm, or deteriorating due to mildew.

What’s the Cost to paint a Metal Roof?

The cost of two-story homes that has a 1,500 square foot roof is $1,597 – $3,304 for painting.

The figures are calculated using the average of the lowest cost , which comes at $1.06 for each square foot, and the highest average at $2.20 for each square foot. These prices are only for painting itself, not the prep work the cleaning and preparation work required.

Should you decide to put to any power wash cleaning services performed by an expert, you’d increase the cost by between $247 and $600 per hour. It would raise the price for the task from $1,843 to $3,904 in order in order to wash the roofing, and provide equipment, and work.

When should you repaint?

If you have a metal roof that has been painted but aren’t sure if the roof is in need of a fresh coat, Here are a few things to be looking for when examining.

  • Any obvious corrosion marks
  • Paint cracks
  • The peeling or bubbling
  • A chalky appearance or faded color

If any of these are visible on your roof, you should have an inspection by a professional to determine if the roof needs fixing or cleaning.

DIY or a professional job

Everyone can accomplish any task they choose to and this is a instance where hiring an expert painter and installer would be more efficient than doing the job by yourself. This is because it is an extremely labor-intensive task which requires equipment that’s expensive to rent or purchase. Professionals are also experienced enough to complete the task swiftly, effectively and securely. It’s better than being on the roof of a metal structure during a scorching day, because the ladder you used was smashed. Get a no-cost estimate by square feet per hour, by the hour or per project, depending on the firm. Find a rough estimate of cost of labor and select the most suitable roof painter for the task.

However, if you think the DIY method is what you’d like to go, or you’re curious about what a professional can do to complete the job , here these steps.


Don’t bother for a brand-new metal roof that was never had it painted prior to.

Removal is the process of getting rid of any old or damaged paint from the roof of the metal as well as removing any rusty patches and then cleaning the roof using a power washer.

Take off any old paint that is falling off or loose. off. With a paint scraper or putty knife, you can remove the paint without damaging the metal beneath. There is no need remove paint that is not in good shape since you can apply paint instead.

After you have removed all loose paint , take note of the rusty marks as well as the dimensions. For small rust spots, take them off with the use of a putty knife. If you have staining that is difficult to remove, add vinegar or other cleaning chemicals to clean. This is also the time when you will be able to take note of any roof repairs required to be added to the cost of painting your metal roof.

The next step is using a power washer to clean the roof. It serves two functions. The first is to remove any loose paint, and then clean the roof, preparing it for the subsequent coat. A power washer can be supplied by a professional or can be rented from the local home improvement retailer. If neither option is available using the garden hose can be able to clean your roof but is less efficient.

What Does it cost to paint a metal roof


For roofs that are newer It is recommended to allow the metal to weather and then let it rest for approximately six months. This is to ensure that the oil will be wiped away by rainwater and minerals will take away any remnants left from that galvanizing procedure. If you’re in a hurry, an extensive cleaning with power washing is sufficient.

After cleaning and inspecting the roof, let it dry for at least one hour. The weather will affect how long you’ll have to wait before you can move ahead. Examine the area, and if the area isn’t completely dry you should wait another 30 minutes before checking again. Repeat until done. The entire area must be dry prior to moving forward, or you may face problems in the event that paint doesn’t stick onto the metallic.

Primer and Sealer

Sealer, sometimes referred to as Primer is the coating that you put on the roofing prior to applying the paint. It ensures that the paint adheres to the metal’s surface by chemical bonding. If you don’t do this, it could result in painting peeling following drying.

Applying the primeror sealant before painting is crucial and if not done, could delay the painting process in time, is costly, and wastes materials. When you hire a contractor ask them what type of primer they’ll be using if using the two-in-one or sole primer. If you’re doing it yourself, ensure that you’ve got this primer when shopping for the items.

After applying a layer of sealer or primer Let it dry for an hour. Verify that the roof is dry by testing the area you last that was painted. If the roof is dry, confirm that the remainder part of your roof has dried, too.


Before you begin looking at colors, it is important take a look at the kind of paint you are considering and determine if it’s suitable for the metal you are using. In terms of the type of paint you choose, two choices are suitable for prolonged exposure to sunlight and the atmosphere. There can be PDVF and polyester paints however, both are coated with a material known as the elastomeric coating. This coating is a benefit of being both transparent and reflective, thereby keeping sunlight.

PDVF as well as Polyester both are long-lasting paints, and they differ in price because of their longevity. Polyester is an affordable choice and lasts for 10 years before having to be repainted. PDVF however, on its flip side, can be more expensive but will last for a time that is longer than polyesters by a decade.

Both options are appropriate for your home; the decision will depend on the frequency at which you’re prepared to paint your roof each year as the years progresses.

That’s all the steps and procedures you’d need to follow or ask an expert painting company to paint the metal roof. It is a huge undertaking to take on, but the advantages of this venture far exceed the expense.


A professionally painted metal roof will cost quite a bit upfront however, the benefit to your property is incalculable. Metal is naturally able to conduct heat, and can reach extreme temperatures during summer. If not treated the heat that remains would be transferred into the home, increasing the temperature inside. By gluing the roof with its paint surface, the roof will block the most UV rays and sunlight and reduce the amount heat it will absorb and decreasing the amount of time required to cool the metal.

This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a more relaxing home since the crawl and attic areas will be cooler in the summer. Winter won’t be a problem either due to coatings protecting metal against rust and other aggregates in the snow that can cause damage to the exterior.


Don’t get too excited and believe that the roof is completed job when the paint is dry. To ensure an aesthetically pleasing and healthy roof, it’s a good practice to have it examined at least twice per year by an experienced professional. Why would you want to do this after spending the time and effort to have it checked in the very first place? There are instances where the paint did not get set properly or some paint was removed during the storm. Unchecked damage until get the next coat and untreated could cost much more to repair or replace.

A quick check of your roof at least once each year doesn’t seem nearly so bad as needing to replace the whole thing because of damage that could be prevented. The majority of professionals offer year-long warranties for their work. They also protect against natural disasters and faulty work.

Are Metal Roof Painting Worth It?

Yes. After all is said and done and costs determined, it’s worth getting your roof painted. It will prolong the life of the metal and add character to your home.

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